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Some photos of foreign Orthopaedic Surgeons training in shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgery at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital Orthopaedic Learning Center. Surgeons from Singapore, Malaysia,Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka learn state-of-the-art knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgeries from Dr.Molano and Dr.Nunez respectively.

Dr.Molano teaches his Double Bundle and Anatomic single bundle ACL reconstruction, while Dr.Nunez demonstrates his arthroscopic shoulder surgeries like rotator cuff and instability repairs.

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital Orthopaedic Learning Center has garnered its reognition as a Teaching Center of the International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports, the only one in the country, and one of a few in the ASEAN Region

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