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About Us
       Dr. Molano specializes in the treatment of knee problems while Dr. Nuñez & Dr. Munji specialize in the treatment of shoulder disorders. They are committed to providing you the latest MIS techniques available in the treatment of shoulder, hip and knee disorders including sports-related injuries. 

Operations Performed


·  Quadriceps Sparing Total Knee Replacement

      (MIS-QS TKR)

·   Knee Arthroscopic Surgery for

- Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and meniscus injuries

·   Double Bundle ACL Arthroscopic Reconstruction

·   Arthroscopic Anatomic ACL Reconstruction

Hip Arthroscopy
  Arthroscopic Labral Repair 

All-Arthroscopic Treatment of the ff. shoulder conditions:

-   Rotator Cuff Tears

-   Shoulder Dislocations and

    Multi–Directional Instability

-   SLAP Tears

-   Impingement Syndrome

-   Biceps Tendon (long head)


-   AC Joint Dislocations/Arthritis

-   Suprascapular Nerve Compression

-   Calcific Tendinitis & Ganglion Cysts

Anatomic Arthroplasty for Shoulder Arthritis

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Cuff Tear Arthropathy

Practice Affiliations

University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center and St. Luke's Medical Center Global City

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